Our takeaway service is open from Friday 3rd July and our priority is to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. There are a few changes with the way we will run our takeaway service....


1. Initially we will be limiting our takeaway menu to make it manageable for our staff so they can maintain safe social distancing measures within the kitchen


2. We will also be limiting the number of takeaway orders that will be accepted per time slot to minimise the number of customers coming to collect their orders at the same time. If the number of takeaways exceed the maximum capacity for each slot, the online service will temporarily shut down and will resume when the next time slot is available!

3. Our opening times for the first week (3rd July) will be 5.30pm till 10pm Friday, 5pm till 10pm Saturday, and 4.30pm till 10pm Sunday. In the second week we will be open Thursday to Sunday. We will be closed Monday to Wednesday until further notice!

4. We have 3 easy steps below to place and collect your takeaway order whilst maintaining social distancing. Please note we are providing collection service only;


Step 1: Place your order online, by clicking the 'ORDER NOW' button above, and provide the MOBILE phone number of the person who will be collecting the takeaway (please double check you have entered number correctly). Please provide your full name on your order to prevent a mix up on collection. Pre-orders WILL be accepted which can be done on the day you wish to collect. Pre-order service will be available from 12pm on the days we will be operating.


Step 2: When you arrive please enter the premises and follow the guidelines in order to collect your takeaway. Please maintain 2m distance from the person in front of you.


Step 3: Pay by card/cash when you collect, or for a quicker and safer collection, you can also pay online when you place your order. 


Additional information 

If there are any issues with your takeaway please contact us immediately on 01260 271218 and press option 1. We will not be taking any orders over the phone so this line will be dedicated to any inquiry’s customers may have.