Keeping you safe

Thank you to all for your support during the closure and re-opening of our restaurant.


Our main priority has always been the safety of our customers and staff, and the Pandemic has truly tested our ability in doing so.


Following government guidelines, we have completed an in-depth risk assessment to ensure our premises remains safe for both our customers and staff. We have tried to minimise the impact such measures may have on your dining experience, but rest-assured we have not compromised the quality of our food. Below is a summary of some of the measures we have taken. Please call us, or visit our establishment, outside business hours and we will be more than happy to give you further information regarding the steps we have taken.



  • Risk assessment has been shared with members of staff. All safety measures in response to the assessment have also been shared and implemented.

  • Staff temperature and health checks are made before the start of their shift.

  • We are continuing business with minimal staff to maintain the same bubble at work. We have reduced the menu in response to maintaining social distancing within the kitchen.

  • All staff have been provided with face shields and mask. Waiting staff will be wearing face shields and kitchen staff will be wearing face mask.

  • Waiting staff will not be equipped with gloves, this is to ensure more frequent handwashing and sanitising before and after each task they complete.



  • We have scheduled cleaning in place for surfaces or items which are frequently touched.


Restaurant layout

  • We have rearranged the restaurant layout to implement the one-way system where possible. To minimise customers walking past other diners to use the WC, the host will advise individual tables which direction to travel to use the WC.

  • Closure of sections and a reduction in number of tables has increased the distance between tables and has made the dining area more spacious to allow safe movement of staff/customers without close contact with other customers.

  • Additional PPE have been put in place between tables which are 1m+ apart.

  • We have installed three contactless sanitising stations within the restaurant which your host will point out:

    • Takeaway collection point

    • Diners entry point

    • WC entry point



  • We will only be providing table service. The bar area will remain clear to avoid congestion.



  • Takeaway collection times will be adjusted throughout the day to reduce traffic within the restaurant.

  • Please click here for further information.



  • Reservation times will be staggered to reduce traffic within the restaurant.

  • Please click here for further information.F

Further Information


We have placed several signs around the restaurant to help reinforce the importance of social distancing. But please if you have any concerns regarding our method of operation, speak to the manager who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


Please note, we will have a zero tolerance towards anyone who puts the safety of members of staff or other diners at risk.